Best Places to Travel to in 2020

  1. French Polynesia: I always thought French Polynesia was an expensive honeymoon destination. And it can be. But it can also be a great place to go on adventures with friends! The islands are filled with more waterfalls than you can count, great diving/snorkeling, and hiking. United has direct flights from SFO (anddddd they aren’t red eyes 🙌🏼)
  2. Cuba: Cuba is, in a certain sense, stopped in time. Cars from the 1950s line the streets of Old Havana. Buildings haven’t been repaired in ages. WiFi is close to nonexistent. It’s now fairly easy to go from the United States. Go see it now before things change.
  3. New Zealand: New Zealand is at the top of everyone’s bucket list lately – and for good reason! The nature and hiking is unbeatable.
  4. The Balkans: Everyone loves a summer Eurotrip. But not everyone’s wallet does. Want to experience the cute city charm and wild nature of Europe without breaking the bank? Head to the Balkans. Still relatively un-touristy compared to Western Europe, the Balkans offer a similar experience without breaking the bank…and with a few less tourists around.
  5. The Maldives: You may not have much more time to visit the Maldives, with some scientists expecting that it will be completely submerged in 30 years. Visit this beautiful paradise while you still can. (Also, do your part to help slow climate change so things like this don’t happen).
  6. Central America: Mexico has been a popular destination for years now, but the rest of Central America is beautiful too. Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala aren’t too crowded and are filled with jungles, volcanoes, bland sand beaches, and hot springs.

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