10 Photos that Prove Glacier National Park Should Be at the Top of Your Bucketlist

People often ask me where my favorite place to travel is. I can’t answer that question – there are just too many beautiful places I’ve been! Another question  I am frequently asked is what my favorite national park is.  Now that I have an answer for…in the US at least.  Glacier National Park has teal blue lakes, hiking trails for every ability level, plenty of mountains to climb or ski, and beautiful wildlife.  Below are 10 photos that prove that you should put Glacier at the top of your bucketlist (if you haven’t already):


The Best of Banff

I first visited Banff in October.  It was cold and relatively empty.  It was a stark contrast to my most recent trip in early September when there were crowds everywhere and finding a parking space a popular places was pretty much the equivalent of winning the lottery.  It hasn’t even been a year since my first trip to Banff, but it’s one of those places that keeps calling me back.  Banff is stunningly beautiful and there is something to do in every season.

  1. Visit the teal blue lakes
  2. See the aurora
  3. Climb/scramble a mountain
  4. Watch the sunrise over the mountains
  5. Do a winter sport – ski, snowboard, or ice climb

34 Instagram Accounts that Feature Female Travelers 

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